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A Few MAGA Apples Spoil The Whole Bunch

With the House in disarray, the future of America’s shaky political system is uncertain.

Joe Duncan
5 min readOct 11, 2023


Republican Collage #2 by Joe Duncan | Source photos by Gage Skidmore (DeSantis, Greene, Gaetz, Jordan, Trump) licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

If we were to judge a political system by its responsibility, America is struggling right now. That’s putting it lightly.

When I use the word “responsibility,” I mean it in its proper sense — the ability to respond to various situations as they arise. To be responsible is to be capable of analyzing and reacting to everything from unpleasant surprises to full-blown crises in an intelligent, level-headed manner.

Many Americans, including some Representatives elected to national office, seem to have forgotten what it means to be responsible.

Now, as Israel declares war on Hamas after a horrific barrage of attacks carried out by Hamas in Israeli territory, America is fumbling around without an official Speaker in one of our chambers of government.

President Biden announced the United States’ unambiguous support for Israel in the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks across the country. Teenagers, children, and even babies were slaughtered or taken hostage by Hamas. An entire rave party was overtaken by militants as defenseless civilians helplessly scattered to avoid being killed or captured.

The nightmarish scene played out over a series of hours as wave after wave of terrorists flooded into Israel and partygoers ran until they could not physically run any longer. When their legs gave out, they exhaustedly took cover in bushes and the woods, hoping not to be found. Desperate people trapped in secluded areas texting their families with cries for help.

Many didn’t make it, their texts being the last messages sent to their families.

The Israeli death toll has risen to over 1,200, most of whom were civilians, as of Wednesday, October 11th, 2023 at 2:33 p.m. (Eastern European time), but the number of deaths on both sides of the conflict has been rising as more and more bodies are discovered.

Now, back in the United States, we can’t help but wonder if our government is even remotely capable of responding to a crisis like this with the Republican disarray in the…



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