Michael Flynn Retweets Video Calling for Martial Law and a Coup of the United States Government

Do the Republicans really want to enact a coup? Or are they just trolling?

Photo credit: Erin A. Kirk Cuomo

Weeks after Donald Trump lost the election, he still finds himself embattled in a war to try to steal it from the rightful victor that the voters elected, Democratic challenger and now President-Elect Joe Biden. As Trump slowly watches his chances at stealing a second term, he and his allies are becoming increasingly desperate to try anything, even openly courting hostile and undemocratic takeovers of government.

With Georgia Governor Brian Kemp refusing Trump’s latest desperate attempt to overturn the election results after a surprise upset in typically deeply red Georgia, Trump is at a loss for avenues that he could employ to cheat the election, swinging things into his favor. Trump asked the Republican governor to “overrule” the election results that swung the state for Biden, and, as of today, Kemp has officially refused. Almost all of his court cases have been exhausted with his latest Supreme Court loss in Pennsylvania.

And now, his loyal supporter and Attorney General is saying publicly that no election fraud took place, an angle Trump used over and over again as he beat the drum claiming he was cheated out of a victory that was rightfully his. Trump’s doing what all autocrats do, kicking and screaming and trying to force his way back into power.

And his most loyal supporters, those in his inner circle, like the disgraced former general and former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, are becoming increasingly frustrated with the way the election turned out, going so far as to retweet calls that the results be overturned, that the election be nullified, and that martial law be implemented in the United States.

Flynn openly called for the Constitution of the United States to be suspended and for martial law to be implemented when he retweeted calls by an Ohio organization for that very thing. We the People Convention created the video that openly calls for martial law to be installed and dictatorial powers enacted, claiming to be following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln.

The President of We the People Convention released a statement claiming, without a shred of evidence, that there was, “massive, planned, illegal election fraud conducted by corrupt Democrat/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote.”

The President’s legal team has already argued the absurd, that the dead former leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was working with an international cabal of far-left saboteurs in a plot to steal the election, and thus the Presidency was rightfully won by Donald Trump.

Are the Republicans secretly (or not so secretly) trying to pull off a coup? At this point, you’d be justified if you suspected as much. I wouldn’t put it past them. Hiding behind plausible deniability while saying the quiet thing out loud seems to be their specialty. But then again, they could just be trolling. Time will tell which one it is but one thing’s for certain, I’m quite uncomfortable with people being this flippant about the fate of our Republic.

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