Trump’s Downfall Bears a Striking Resemblance to the Final Days of Ted Bundy

Trump’s visit to the Wall shows that it dawned on him: he’s lost

Joe Duncan
5 min readJan 19, 2021


Joe Duncan; Sources: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay and Shutterstock

There’s been much clamor this week about the MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, visiting Trump at the White House. That’s right, the same guy you might recognize from the MyPillow commercials has been in communications with the White House over the past few weeks, as Trump’s last few days as President are winding down.

Today is Trump’s last full day in office.

Lindell paid a visit to Trump at the White House a few days ago, and photographers were able to snap a photo of the notes he’d written on a piece of paper which basically spelled out an idea for a possible coup.

Yes. Another one.

He’s been beating the #StopTheSteal drum and claiming falsely, with no proof, that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Fact check: it wasn’t.

Congress had confirmed Biden’s victory within hours of the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol. And now, even Mitch McConnell is siding with the Democrats and norms saying explicitly that Trump provoked the riot at the Capitol.

It’s not just that the rats are jumping ship, the important rats are jumping ship. The powerful rats.

But Lindell’s theories on how to replace top-level intelligence officials in a shakedown of power that smacks of autocratic regimes fell on deaf ears. Trump and his family have already packed their boxes, they’ve already delivered their stuff to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s house-resort in Florida, and they’ve already finally resigned themselves to defeat.

Lindell, who had been a supporter of Trump since 2016, had basically thought he hatched a genius plot to overthrow the top members of the intelligence and security forces as a way to keep the president in power. But at this point, the President seems fully resigned to his fate.

He’s in damage control mode, trying to minimize the threat of prosecution. Anyone in their right mind would be. When Mitch McConnell is saying that you’re complicit in inciting a riot, you’d better stop and pay attention.



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